Strategy and collaboration in times of digital transformation

Jointly towards better outcomes

"Everything than can be digitalized, will be digitalized!" Carly Fiorina (former CEO of HP)

The wave of digitalization will reach everything - also mature industries and companies as well as politics and state. It is a huge challenge, decisive for competitiveness and survival.

Whether it is opportunity or threat will greatly depend on the speed to give in time a proper and sustainable response to this challenge. Urgency and complexity set high demands of efficacy and efficiency to the collaboration - within and among organizations - that the development of such answer requires. With their typical disadvantages, the usual approaches to solution-finding and decision-making are not suitable. Furthermore, even good strategies cannot be carried out by organizations if their cultures do not fit.

Because of this motivation, and convinced that I can make a significant contribution to better solution-finding and decision-making in times of the digital transformation, I have founded mutualGains Solutions GmbH.

Nicolas Ivandic, founder and Managing Director